If you’re bored of how your home looks, you seriously need to get a makeover. But again, makeovers are expensive. SO why not throw in a few things here and there to spruce up your home, without spending a bomb? Can you do it? Of course, you can!! We have a few cheap yet effective ways which can completely change the look of your home!

Make your cushions:

Who doesn’t like a huge inviting sofa, with vibrant, colourful cushions strewn on it? We all do! Instead of buying these cushions (which are really expensive), why not think of making them by yourself? Get that flowy pink dress that no longer fits you or that bright yellow dress which you don’t like anymore out of your wardrobe – and makes up your cushions! You need not even sew them; fabric glue is readily available!

Paint your own home:

You need not take up the entire home to paint – just one wall can get you the desired cool factor! Use all your creativity, paint the wall and give it a nice, bright look! You can also include motifs, wall stickers or family photos to make this your personalised wall. Add a touch of fairy light magic to it and Voila – you have successfully spruced up your home!!

Reuse junk:

Go to the local junk shop, pick many random things for a dime. On your way back, purchase neon spray paint bottles, and you’re all set! Go home and colour this scrap with neon paints (neon’s trending, you could choose what you like too) and place it strategically in your home. Don’t overdo it – just a few things here and there to add the sparkle and spice will do!

Opt for removable wallpaper:

You should always opt for removable wallpaper – even the cheaper ones will do. This gives you the freedom to change it whenever you want to give your home, rooms or walls a makeover! Change wallpapers as the seasons’ change and there you are – stepping into a home with a fresh look every few months!


Keep changing curtains:

Have a couple of curtain sets ready – to replace them when you get bored of the existing ones. Merely changing the curtains brings in breezy, look to your home!

Hang a huge mirror:

A huge mirror in the right place can make a lot of difference to your room – giving it a spacious and open look with lots of light bouncing in! Get a mirror, and you’re all set!!

What are you waiting for? Work up and give your home a dreamy look!