Building a porch is very effective for your home improvement. Furthermore, the porch is known to bring a classy look to your home. Below are some steps you can use to make a porch to add to your home improvement.

Assemble the material needed

This is always a very important step in every work. Ensure that you have all the required materials before you get down to work. These materials include timber, nails, and even paints among other essential tools.

Consider the home’s architecture

This always varies from one district to another. For instance, if you live in a historic home, then you must visit the city building and planning offices to find what to use for your porch. It is also very essential to know what you are allowed to use and the design that will suit your home perfectly.

Plan the railing steps

Before you do anything try to evaluate the existing look, materials, and even the structure of your home. Ensure that everything that you have matches perfectly with the design and the look of your home.

Build the porch’s foundation

Build the porch's foundation

You start by assessing your terrain and even the climate of your area. You also consider the size of the porch you are building then you start to build your foundation. Ensure to install a ledger board which is very essential for the support of your porch. You then dig the ground to ensure your porch is stable. Four feet down the ground will be very good for your porch.


You then go ahead to frame your porch as you ensure that the perimeter beams are leveled. This is to ensure that you have a great look after the completion of your porch.

Joists installation

Joist is then installed at the top of the foundation beams to ensure that your flooring is well supported. Ensure that you place the joists at regular intervals to support the weight of the porch. You then attach them using the galvanized screws and ensure that they are leveled.

Fit the railing posts

Here you will use a pencil to mark where the railing posts will be fitted. Ensure that the railing posts fit well around the porch.

Add the porch floor

You then attach the decking as you allow some space between each board. The space is very essential for other plans and also for the general look of your porch.

Build your railings

Build your railings

I believe that at the early stages you had the design of your railings. So you just go ahead and make the railings as per the design you have in mind. Ensure that you install them well and ensure that they are stable enough.

Build the steps and the roof

It is always very important to have very stable steps. So it will be very important for you if you use the triggers that will support your steps. As for the roof, ensure that you build a roof that has a shallow slope. Your home’s ceiling, roof, and even the widow placement will dictate the height that your porch’s roof will get.


After you are done with your porch you will need the finishing to add on your home improvement. You will be required to sand the railings and even painting the porch and do some polishing.


Having a porch is very essential for your home improvement. It will add up on the look of your home and also creates more space for you.